Real Estate Website Design for Agents and Brokers


An SEO Optimized Real Estate Website Design to Make your Real Estate Brokerage and Agency searchable and discoverable

Website for real estate agent and brokers realty

Our professionally done website will:

  • Increase your presence and credibility
  • Attract and capture leads for you
  • Showcase your property listings
  • Build your brand identity and recognition
  • Expand your visibility and reach

Comes with everything you need:

  • Optimized pages built for speed
  • On page SEO
  • Mobile Responsive Design 
  • Linked with Analytics
  • Linked with Email Marketing


Increase your presence and credibility

Home website for real estate agents and brokers

Having a well-designed and informative website, real estate agents  and brokers like you can establish a professional online presence that showcases your expertise and services.

Having a central place to provide valuable information such as property listings, market insights, and helpful resources, positionsyour team as trustworthy and knowledgeable in the industry.

Integrating social proof elements like client testimonials and reviews on your website can further enhance credibility.

Attract and capture leads for you

Consultation website for real estate agents and brokers

With properly designed prominent call-to-action buttons and forms, Your website will encourage visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable resources or property listings.

Direct linking of your forms to mailing lists and CRMs such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and Send in Blue, you can continually market and re-market to your lists have repeat buyers over and over again.

Got a Facebook page? We will link up your facebook pixel and messenger to the website so you can run ads to direct people in Meta to your listings directly.

Want to run Google Ads? With linking to Google analytics, and Google Tag Manager, you can track your Google Ads and their conversions to fully optimize your advertising campaigns.


Listings website for real estate agents and brokers

Display your property listings and give detailed information about each property to show buyers that you are the authority and are very credible in your field.

Showcase your real estate services such as documentation, and consultation, to show your expertise and get more clients for those services.

Need an IDX? Let’s link up your website to your existing MLS or a new one, and display relevant listings for your clients.

Build your brand identity and recognition

Testimonials website for real estate agents and brokers

Our team will work with you to consistenly showcase your brand all through out your site. 

Consistent colors, layout, and fonts, will increase your team’s brand value and equity.

Get a virtual card that you can use to network with your prospects offline and send them to your website.  You can also use your virtual card landing page as your link tree in your Instagram account.

Real Estate Website Virtual Card

Expand your visibility and reach

Search engines such as Google, Bing, etc, love fast loading and mobile responsive websites.  They put user experience high in their ranking criteria. Get found in popular search engines with a fast loading, mobile responsive, and on page SEO Optimized website.

Real Estate Website Design for Brokers and Agents sample 1
Real Estate Website Deisgn for Agents and Brokers Sample 2



1 website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 1: Branding Sprint

We do a video consultation with you. In the Branding Sprint, we don't just scratch the surface; we dive deep into what makes your business special. We get to know your services, your products, and your operations. It's all about understanding what makes you unique, what you're trying to achieve, who are your customers, and how we can best help you get there.
2 website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 2: R & DD

Research, Design, and Development. Based on our Branding Sprint we do research on your niche, your customers, and your listings. We base your design on your brand identity and what your customers want and what they are looking for. Initial Design Draft is delivered within 3-5 days or less.
5 website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 3: Update your Listings

We work with your team to get your listings and lay them out based on your website's design and what we have researched that will capture your leads. You will need to provide all the information and assets needed, and we will work with you to enhance those information for Search Engines.
4 website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 4: Integrate your website

Before going live, we will work with you to integrate your website with the tools you need. We will integrate with FB, Google Assets, Mailing List, CRM, IDX, and Live Chat.
website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 5: Go Live!

Hoorah! It's time to go live. In this stage we publish your website to the world wide web and submit your website to popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo.
3 website for real estate agents and brokers

Step 6: Get Featured in Socials

Now to start spreading the word, you, your team, and your website will featured in our social media, and in our website. This is to boost your social signals and start letting the world know about your awesome team, brand, and services!


Mobile Real Estate Website
Mobile Real Estate Website for Agents and Brokers

Fill up the form to schedule a discovery call

As much as we would want to work with and help everybody- we can only handle 5 more clients for now.

Why do we do this? Because we only give our 110% if we are focused.  And in order for your website to be a success, we will need focus and of course, your participation.

Why is it an application? In our discovery call we need to see if our team and your team is a match.  In order for your website and digital marketing efforts to be fruitful, you also need to be dedicated and invested to give us the best information and assets as possible.

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Depending on the complexity of the website, the desired features and functionalities, the level of customization required, it ranges from Php 35k to 150k

Typically, there are two primary cost components involved in building a real estate website:

Website Development: This includes the initial design and development of the website, which involves creating the layout, implementing features, and integrating necessary functionalities such as property listings, search filters, and contact forms.

Ongoing Maintenance and Hosting: Once the website is developed, you may incur ongoing costs for hosting the website on a server and maintaining its functionality, security, and updates.

Both of these are covered in the Real Estate Brokers and Agents Package

Yes, we have an installment plan.

We understand that capital is crucial to every business.  And you will need capital for further marketing even after your website is launched.

Our installment plan goes like this:

  • 50% Downpayment upon start of contract
  • Remaining 50% is broken down on a monthly basis of 11 installments at 0%.

No, your website will go live based on our agreed schedule. Once you have made the initial down payment and provided the details required, you can expect your website to go live  on schedule.

This way your website investment can already help you in getting more leads and closing deals. And ultimately pay for itself.

The Real Estate Brokers and Agents Package is exclusively tailored for brokers aiming to expand their listings and enhance their online presence.

We understand the challenges of maintaining your own website, which is why we offer a hassle-free solution.

With this package, all you need to do is fill out a simple form providing the details and high res photos and/or videos of your properties, and our dedicated team will swiftly input the information into your website within 48 business hours.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of managing your website, and let us handle the technicalities while you focus on what you do best – growing your real estate business.

Our standard real estate website includes the following functionalities

Property Listings: The website should have a section where you can showcase property listings with essential details such as property type, location, price, photos, descriptions, and additional features.

Search and Filter: Users should be able to search for properties based on specific criteria such as location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and other relevant filters. This functionality helps users narrow down their search and find properties that match their preferences.

Property Details: Each property listing should have a dedicated page with detailed information about the property, including floor plans, amenities, nearby facilities, and contact details of the agent or broker handling the property.

Messenger/Chatbot Integration: Integrate with FB Messenger or your favorite Chatbot Application.

Google Maps: Integrating interactive maps can help users visualize the property location, nearby amenities, schools, hospitals, transportation options, and other points of interest. This feature adds convenience and valuable information for potential buyers.

Lead Capture and Contact Forms: Users should have a way to contact the real estate agent or broker directly through the website, either via contact forms or inquiry buttons. This functionality facilitates communication and encourages potential buyers to reach out for more information.

Mobile Responsiveness: It’s crucial for a real estate website to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that it provides an optimal browsing experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

Social Media and Mailing List Integration: Integrating social media sharing buttons or links to your social media profiles allows users to easily share listings or connect with your social media presence, expanding your reach and engagement.

Agent or Broker Profiles: The website may include a section where you can showcase agent or broker profiles, highlighting their experience, expertise, and contact information.

Agent or Broker Virtual Card: A Virtual Card for up to 5 members of your team to use when you are networking or linked to your instagram profile.

Blog Functionalities: Create your blog entries and increase your credibility and authority in your industry.

You may reach out to us and let us know if you need any custom functionalities during our discovery call.

A minimum of 2 weeks to about 1 month timeframe from the time details become available to. However, it’s important to communicate your specific timeline requirements and expectations with the website developer or agency to ensure a clear understanding and efficient execution of the project.

The process is easy.

As much as we would want to help everybody, we only have 10 slots available for now.

  1. Fill up the application form and our team will get in touch with you based on the schedule you chose for the discovery call.  If we can’t make it, we will also let you know.
  2. If we are a match, our team will send the initial contract including terms of payment agreed upon during the meeting.
  3. The team will then schedule a scoping session or the branding sprint with your stakeholders to understand your processes, purpose, and desired outcome.

We understand that as a real estate developer, you have specific website needs that go beyond property listings. We have a website package designed specifically for real estate developers like you, which recognizes the distinct requirements of your company, including branding, employment information, news and updates, and more. 

Talk to us for a free consultation and we can give you a free quote based on your requirements.  Drop us a message here.


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